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On the 10th of January we started to receive reports of parcels being returned to our partners logistics centre bnin Hong Kong and these problems continued for around 7 days due to a change in export procedures in Hong Kong. Our logistics partners were meant to return these parcels back to our logistics hub but this has yet failed to happen. As such we took the decision 2 weeks ago to begin re-sending orders for those affected. However, due to this sudden increase in orders that needed processing and the increase in demand we are have experienced as we grow our warehouse was left with large delays and our suppliers failed to provider the number of units that we needed, this lead to delays for new orders also. We have since managed to re-send nearly all orders but we continue to face stock issues with the Redmi 5, 5 Plus & and Mi A1 Gold, we are sending orders as soon as we receive stock.


We have also taken the decision to implement (earlier than planned) our in-sourcing of our logistics hub in Hong Kong to try and get around and stop any future issues that comes with relying on a 3rd party. We are also moving away from dedicated freight transfer towards express freight transfers through DHL and FedEx, which should lead to slight faster, but more importantly more consistent delivery times.


We apologize for these issues but as explained above we are trying our best to rectify the situation.


Any questions please contact our support team at help@thesolutionshop.group by email for a more details on your specific order. Please do not contact us via live chat for further order details.

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